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Established in 2015

Dollar Off Drinks was created by two friends that had worked together very successfully in the Orlando travel and tourism field for close to fifteen years.

Having decided to go out on their own, they are using their knowledge of both the tourism industry and local business’ to bridge the gap between the two. They are putting the information about bars and restaurants (instead of attractions) in the hands of tourists BEFORE they arrive, all the while offering patrons a discount on their drinks in the process.

The offer of a discounted drink is quite often all it takes to get somebody to try a new location and dispel the notion that just because somewhere is located in a tourist area, that locals cannot/will not visit. As two central Florida residents, the owners of Dollar Off Drinks have proven that there is no such thing as a strictly “local” or “tourist” place.

Dollar Off Drinks offers everybody the opportunity to try somewhere different. A key part to the success of Dollar Off Drinks is also to bring the community together, enticing the “locals” to try what are essentially labeled “tourist” bars/restaurants.

In addition to providing the service to the DOD Cardholders, the goal is to make sure partner locations receive exposure BEFORE the visitors arrive in town. Doing so will create brand recognition and familiarity for when they do arrive.

Our goal is to be a PARTNER with our vendors and for them to see us actively trying to drive business to each of their locations. The app, website, blogs, social media etc. Are all provided free of charge to those venues who choose to be a part of our program.

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