Best Ways to Dine Out for Cheap in Orlando Restaurants

Dining out is one of the best ways to experience and appreciate the culture of a city, whether you live in Orlando or are just visiting. But, it can get expensive quickly. Those who enjoy dining out and nightlife might find that even a few evenings out can put a serious strain on your budget. Here are tips for dining out for cheap in Orlando restaurants.

Use a Dollar Off Drinks virtual card.

Dollar Off Drinks is a virtual discount card that lives in your phone’s “wallet.” Anytime you go out to one of the partner venues, show your card to get a dollar off every drink you order, including coffee, soft drinks, and mocktails. Whether you’re in town for business, on a family vacation, or a local, you can save serious money a dollar at a time.

You can buy a DOD card for 30 days, six months, or an entire year and save money every time you go out.

The Dollar Off Drinks app has a complete list of participating bars and restaurants. For out-of-towners, it’s a great way to find local spots. Orlando residents looking for new places, the DOD venue list is a great way to get out of your rut.

Take advantage of happy hours and daily specials.

Most bars and restaurants offer a happy hour each day and daily specials early in the week when business is slower. Happy hours discounts on apps and drinks are one way to dine for cheap in restaurants in Orlando. You can enjoy new and favorite establishments without overspending.

While you can’t use the Dollar Off Drinks card on already discounted beverages, you can apply it to normally-priced drinks during happy hour. Not a fan of the offered specials? You can create your own discount with the DOD virtual card.

Visit establishments off the beaten path.

The most popular spots in any restaurant often come at a premium. Not only can it be hard to get a reservation or get in on a busy weekend night, but the prices may also feel exclusive or inaccessible.

Instead of packing your trip’s itinerary with high-end restaurants, visit some establishments that are off the beaten path. You can enjoy authentic, local cuisine that won’t cost nearly as much as the place with the two-hour wait time.

Dine out with friends

Finding ways to make Orlando restaurants cheap can also help you spend more time with friends. When you’re sharing a meal with a loved one, consider splitting apps or entrees to cut your bill in half. In places with large portion sizes, you might find that half of a dish is more than enough to fill you up.

While you can’t share drinks with a friend, you can use the Dollar Off Drinks card to save on beverages, whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine or a beer with dinner or just sipping on iced tea.

Dollar Off Drinks is one of the best ways to dine out for cheap in Orlando restaurants.

When you dine out in Orlando, whether for date night, a bachelor party, or because you don’t feel like cooking, everything you order can add up to a hefty tab at the end of the night. If you eat in restaurants or enjoy the bar and club scene, your entertainment budget can feel strained by the end of the month. Dollar Off Drinks saves you money every time you go out in Orlando. With the easy-to-use app, you can find hot new restaurants, bars, and clubs in the area and save a dollar off every drink you order––including coffee, soft drinks, and mocktails.

We founded Dollar Off Drinks to make it more affordable to enjoy the restaurants and bar culture of Orlando, whether you live here or you’re just visiting for a vacation. Buy your virtual card today and make restaurants in Orlando cheap.