Your guide to celebrating your birthday in Orlando on a budget

When it comes to birthdays, it’s usually kids and older folk who get to have epic birthday celebrations. With limited free time and tight budgets, the rest of us often have to make do with low-key celebrations or in some instances, no celebrations at all.

How about doing things a little differently this year?

After all, everyone deserves to let loose and celebrate another year wiser, even if it means doing so on a budget. Thankfully, the magical city of Orlando is home to scores of great places where grownups can have a fun, memorable birthday celebration without breaking the bank.

Here are our best tips for celebrating your birthday in Orlando on a budget.

Indoors or Outdoors?

The weather in Florida is generally great for outdoor events. So you can definitely consider celebrating your birthday outside with family and friends.

There are tons of outdoor attractions that you can indulge in to mark this special day. For instance, you could go ziplining or conquer a ropes course to make the day even more memorable. If you’d rather spend the day chilling, you could visit nearby springs or splash about at some of the best beaches near Orlando.

Looking to celebrate your birthday in Orlando indoors instead? No problem! There are so many great spots to grab a couple of cocktails and enjoy the indoor ambiance surrounded by friends and loved ones. What’s a birthday celebration without drinks, right? If you’ve got the time, you could even go drink-hopping — there are many breweries and bars in Orlando to choose from.

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Stick with a simple theme

Generally, the simpler the birthday theme, the lesser the amount of money you’ll need to spend. Keep things simple so you can have more cash to spend on the other important stuff for your birthday celebration.

Remember to have fun

That’s why you’re celebrating in the first place, right? Your birthday should be a fun experience, something that takes the load off albeit temporarily. The next year when you look back on the event, it should at least bring a smile to your face. So don’t get caught up in the logistics and planning that you actually forget to have fun on your birthday of all days.

You don’t have to overdo it

There is nothing wrong with going all out on your special day, but seeing as you’re on a budget, don’t feel pressured to go beyond your capacity.

Set a comfortable amount that you’re willing to spend and stick to it. Additionally, look up the costs of your planned activities and try to find areas where you can shave off a few dollars.

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