How to Save with a Dollar Off Drinks Card

Roughly 75 million people visited the Orlando region in 2019, making it the number one vacation destination in the U.S. In addition to the number of tourists each year, the region is home to just over 285,000 permanent residents.

Whether you are just visiting Orlando, or make your home here, eating out at the region’s amazing restaurants is a favorite pastime. But why spend more money than necessary, especially if you’re out on the town to celebrate with friends or trying out the local cuisine while vacationing?

Save a buck at more than 75 participating locations in and around Orlando with the Dollar Off Drinks card.

How It Works

Surely it can’t be that easy to get discounted drinks, can it? With the Dollar Off Drinks card, it really is that simple.

Just show your card at more than 50 participating locations in the Orlando region to enjoy the benefits. The discount applies to beer, wine, soft drinks, cocktails and shots for the over-21 crowd. The card also applies to soft drinks for the under 18 diners in your group. Not interested in alcoholic beverages? No problem! Use your card to receive the same discounts on coffee and tea at select locations.

Tips for Using the Dollar Off Drinks Card

There are no confusing small print terms and conditions with the Dollar Off Drinks Card. But there are some helpful tips for using your card to its fullest to get the maximum benefits.

  1. How to use it
    Visit the Buy a Card section of our website to download your card. Once you purchase the card, you will receive an email to download the card to your phone’s virtual wallet. Show your digital card at participating venues to save a dollar.
  2. Where to use it
    A complete listing of all venues that accept the card can be found on our website under the Venues tab. They also are easily accessible by downloading our Dollar Off Drinks app for Android and iOS mobile devices. We have participating venues in Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Tampa, Kenansville, Winter Park and Kissimmee. More than 75 venues currently are participating.
  3. How to enjoy it with friends and family
    The DOD card is only valid for cardholders. Show your friends and family members how awesome your card is, and then them to get their own cards so they can enjoy the savings with you!
  4. Combined offers
    Many participating venues are offering bonus benefits to Dollar Off Drink cardholders. To verify which partners are sweetening the pot for DOD cardholders, download the app and check under each venue for additional offers and savings. Our website and app are regularly updated with the most current offers and participating venues. 
  5. Getting the most out of your card
    There isn’t a lot of fine print associated with using the Dollar Off Drinks card. What you do need to know is that the card can’t be used to purchase drinks on special at participating venues. It also can’t be used to obtain further discounts on drinks already specially priced for happy hour. A few locations don’t accept the card for soft drinks. Information about those venues is listed in the app.

Start Saving Today

Ready to start saving today? Visit the Buy a Card section of our website today to select the option that works best for you. Get the Dollar Off Drinks app in the Google Play store for use with Android devices and the Apple Store for use with iOS devices.