Restaurant Trends in Orlando Florida: Savings to Sustainability

Orlando, Florida is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. Being in a popular city for tourists around the world, restaurants in Orlando need to be on the cutting edge of new trends. Want to stay in the know? From restaurant savings to self-order tech, here are some of 2020’s biggest restaurant trends in Orlando, Florida.

Plant-Based Products

The prevalence of plant-based products on restaurant menus has increased greatly over the past decade. People have never been more willing to try meat alternatives. 2020 will see more and more restaurants trying out more innovative uses of plant-based products, as consumer demand rises across the country. 

More Diverse Menus

Along with the inclusion of plant-based products, restaurants in Orlando are beginning to take a range of dietary restrictions very seriously indeed. People with gluten and lactose intolerances often have very few options when eating out, as do vegetarians and vegans. Restaurant menus in Orlando are becoming more diverse to accommodate the wide range of tourists with different dietary restrictions coming to the city, as well as those who live locally.

Creative Savings for Customers

Restaurants in Orlando are incorporating more deals and savings to attract customers, distinguishing themselves from their many competitors. The Dollar off Drinks card is one of the more inventive additions to the restaurant industry. Users simply have to download the app, purchase a membership, and then they can begin saving money every time they buy a drink at participating locations.

Ever More Convenient Delivery Services

2020 will see delivery services become more popular than ever before. People love the comfort of being able to order in food to their homes, whether this is over the phone, online, or through an app. Online food delivery apps, in particular, are becoming more popular, and restaurants in Orlando should seriously consider making the move into this. If you have the resources to develop your own original app, this is a great way to boost brand awareness. If not, joining an existing delivery network provides a great option for your customers, and could be very lucrative.

Environmentally-Friendly Foodware

Incorporating environmentally-friendly foodware will become the industry standard this decade. The movement against plastic straws is only the beginning. More sustainable paper alternatives are popping in the form of straws, napkins, and takeaway boxes. Restaurants who miss out on these changes may be less attractive to younger customers in particular, who will come to expect that Orlando restaurants stay up to date on the greenest foodware on the market.

Self-Order Stations

Customers are becoming more partial to the convenience of self-order stations. These kiosks can fit nicely into most restaurants layouts, but their associated cost may not be feasible for smaller businesses. Still, implementing one in your Orlando restaurant could be a good investment, as the trend of self-ordering is on the rise.

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