Interested in discounted drinks in Orlando? What to know!

Whether you’re a coffee drinker, cocktail connoisseur or craft beer aficionado, there’s just something about your favorite drink that makes the day better. Orlando, Florida is a great place to grab a drink, too, with plenty of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more. Unfortunately, drinks can quickly add up and take a toll on your wallet. The good news is, with a little strategy, you can get discounted drinks in Orlando. Here’s how.

Happy hours

One way to save some money on your favorite drinks is to buy them during happy hour. While happy hours typically span the hours of about 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., give or take, many bars and restaurants have happy hours that start earlier in the afternoon or go later into the night.

During happy hour, many drinks will be available for discounted prices. The specific drinks, of course, depend on which establishment you go to, but often include certain beers, wines and cocktails.

To find out information about happy hours in Orlando, including which places offer them and what their happy hour specials are, visit each establishment’s website or social media pages. There are also various online listings that share information about happy hours throughout the city.

Drink specials

Another way to get discounted drinks is to order from the available drink specials. Many restaurants and bars offer specific drinks at lower prices than usual depending on the day of the week. Some establishments even offer drink specials on sporting event game days. Again, specific drink specials will be different for each bar or restaurant, but often include different types of beer, wine and cocktails.

To stay in the know about drink specials offered throughout Orlando, follow your favorite establishments on social media, visit their websites, or do a quick online search to find a listing. If you do enough research, you can likely find drink specials for each day of the week.

Dollar Off Drinks

The easiest way (and our favorite way) to get discounted drinks in Orlando is with the Dollar Off Drinks discount beverage card. This digital card lets you save a dollar every time you order a beer, wine, cocktail, soft drink, tea, coffee, or juice at some of the most popular venues in Orlando.

DOD cards are available in 30-day, 6-month, and 12-month options. When you purchase your card, you’ll select which type you want and which day you want to start using your card. The Dollar Off Drinks card is available for iOS and Android and will download directly to your phone for your convenience. When you purchase the Dollar Off Drinks card, you also have access to our free app that makes it easy to find partner locations.

When you order a drink at a participating venue, show them your DOD card and voila! You save a dollar off the regular drink price. The Dollar Off Drinks card offers unlimited use throughout the card’s purchased time frame. That means for as long as your card is valid, you get as many discounted drinks as your heart desires. More than 75 locations in the Orlando area have partnered with us to offer you discounted drinks, including venues in popular spots like Disney Springs, International Drive, Downtown Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee and more.

Stop paying full price for your favorite drinks – there’s no need! While attending happy hours and buying from the drink specials menu will help you save money, the best way to get drinks at a discount is with the Dollar Off Drinks discount beverage card. Buy yours online today.