The Easiest Way to Obtain Beverage Discounts in Orlando

Orlando is home to some of the country’s most beloved tourist attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Florida. These family-friendly attractions account for Orlando being the most-visited destination in the United States in 2019. With all of those visitors to entertain, the food and drink scene in Orlando is extensive. From local mom and pop restaurants to big chains, Orlando has something for everyone.

If you are thinking about visiting this popular—and expensive—city chances are you would welcome the opportunity to save some money along the way. Many of the venues in Orlando offer discounts and specials, and most bars have a happy hour, so you are sure to find a place that you can enjoy without breaking the bank.

The Dollar Off Drinks Card makes saving even easier, however, by helping you find local restaurants and bars while giving you a discount off each drink you order. The Dollar Off Card is perfect for both budget-conscious visitors and locals alike and works on all beverages from coffee and soft drinks to beer and cocktails.


The Dollar Drinks Card was started by local Orlando travel and tourism professionals who recognized a need to fill the gap between tourists and the local businesses that serve them. The goal of the card is to help visitors to Orlando find the best restaurants and bars by providing them with a list of top-rated local businesses. Cardholders then enjoy the added benefit of a dollar off their drinks at any of the participating locations — sounds like a win, win, right?

Participating venues are located in popular hot spots like Disney Springs, International Drive, Downtown Orlando, Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee, plus many others.

Save a dollar every time you order a beer, cocktail, wine, tea, coffee or soft drink at some of Orlando’s most popular venues!


Step 1

Determine the length of time you want your card to be valid. Once you’ve selected the duration, you can easily purchase your card online.

Step 2

Download the free app on your phone. The app provides a list of the participating local venues, so you can uncover the best venues in Orlando.

Step 3

Visit a participating venue and present your Dollar Off Drinks Card or app, and enjoy your savings!

Step 4

“Check-in” to a location on the app to unlock more opportunities for prizes, savings, and rewards.

This value saver is not just for tourists and visitors, many local residents also enjoy the perks of the card year-round. In fact, many have found their favorite restaurants through our app!

With over 75 different participating venues to choose from, you are sure to experience the best of Orlando. Whether it’s your first time here, or you are a seasoned local, you can’t argue with savings! To learn more about how the app works, please visit our FAQs.


To purchase one of Orlando’s most popular beverage discount cards, visit our website or download our free app from either the iOS or Android store. The famous Orlando dining and entertainment scene is waiting!

If you have questions about our Dollar Off Drinks Card, or would like to suggest a location for us to partner with in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.